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Agent X
Agent X5.png
The most recent version of Agent X
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons 360 degree lifter

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Agent X is a two-wheeled lifter robot created by Team Mongoose.

Agent X has kept the same overall design throughout its life, with a wedge at one end and a reinforced plow at the other. The lifter is designed to rotate all the way around the robot, so that it can be used in conjunction with either the wedge or the plow, depending on the type of opponent Agent X faces. In Ruination: The Beginning, Agent X was designed with four-wheel-drive, with two smaller wheels nearer the front of the machine. This didn't offer a great deal of advantage, however, and Agent X was reverted to two-wheel-drive for the next tournament.

It was first entered into the FRR Dead Zone tournament, breaking even and missing out on a playoff spot. Ruination: The Beginning was its next tournament, where its performance improved to a 6-3 record, with two 23-22 decisions against it, but was eliminated from the playoffs via a tie-breaker loss against Hector LeMans. Its third entry, FRR: No Mercy, was its most successful yet, going undefeated in the main season, before losing a very close match to eventual champion Parabolic Trajectory.


  • Wins: 21
  • Losses: 9


  • Agent X currently holds the longest undefeated streak of any Team Mongoose robot, at 11 weeks.
  • At one point, Agent X was designed with two separate lifting arms, interchangeable with the main lifter. Like the four-wheel-drive system, this was removed later on.
  • Agent X's theme song is named "You Will Be Perfect", taken from the original soundtrack from the video game Portal 2.