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Alpha Robotics is a team that comes from Chicago that made their first appearance during the reddit tournament Pressure Drop. He has been known for unnecessary outbursts and questionable strategy. Though usually a good sport, the entire team felt cheated during Cherry Bomb Classic after they had 4 bots in playoff contention, and only 1 making it in. Since then, current team organizer of Angry Goat Robotics has been unofficially banned from writing for any fight that includes or even mentions Flip City Remix. Some of his newer designs today include an actual brick painted gray, a Roomba that thinks it belongs in marvel studios, Beta's rejected cousin from America, the gangbang creation of The Master and Pendulum, and a literal salt pan. Said rejected cousin has also popped more tops than Beta itself, and is hated for that reason.

The team captain is also notable for his first ever robot, Brain Damage. He managed to use a shape for the chassis that has, amazingly, dumbfounded mathematicians and scientists worldwide by including more corners than was ever thought to be theoretically possible in a three dimensional shape. Research into how this can be used to study fourth- and fifth-dimensional interactions in nature is pending funding by the US government.

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