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Angry Goat
Angry Goat.jpg

shown with plow attachment
Team Information
Team Angry Goat Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Superheavyweight
Weapons static ramming spikes, interchangeable plow/wedge

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

The re-designed Angry Goat as competed in Ruination Lite

Angry Goat is a Superheavyweight robot used by Angry Goat Robotics. In Ruination: The Contagion, it was a 10 wheel Drive robot with an interchangeable static plow and hinged wedge on the rear, and spikes on the front. It has been revised into something more reasonable, removing a pair of wheels and adding multiple plow attachments for the front (inspired by Reflector Shield), and two different wedge attachments for the rear.


Ruination: The Contagion: 6-7 - Copperhead Award


-Angry Goat may be cursed to never succeed - when entered in Ruination Lite: the SwitcherTWO, Gabe accidentally switched its torque and traction stats, having it end up with 4 traction and 7 torque during the competition. NWOWWE still somehow won a match with it though

-I still have no clue how this got 6 wins in R:TC

-Angry Goat was heavily inspired by New Cruelty. Just with more wheels.

-Has been described on multiple occasions as a bus: " a City Transit Bus with only average speed," "You will believe a school bus can fly!," and my personal favorite, " Angry Goat is able to turn roughly as well as your average double decker bus"