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Angry Goat robotics
Angry Goat Robotics Logo.png
Participation Information
Series Hammerfall

Ruination: The Contagion

Mech Mash

FRR: Backlash

Bot-O-Rama 2016

Ruination Lite: the SwitcherTWO

Team Information
Team Members IDK Deadpool or something because why the hell not
Home Town Bellingham, WA

Angry Goat Robotics is a fantasy robotics team lead by Me, Gabe. That's right, I spend my free time pretending I have the money and ability to build combat robots. It came into being in early September, and has been not overly terrible ever since. The team's creator enjoys naming his robots after various mythological goat-esque creatures. everyone needs a theme, right?

Currently a relatively short history:[]

Gabe was drawn into fantasy combat robotics by the /r/Hammerfall Robotics Competition, in which his first robot, Chimera was entered. It was... okay... overall, making up for its design flaws with good strategy. Excited by moderate early-on success, he decided to enter in Ruination: the Contagion. as it turns out, some of the team's designs weren't exactly terrible, with Cuddle Time! making the Lightweight Finals.

Angry Goat Robotics is currently entered in FRR: Backlash with Venice Queen, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, Chimera V2, and Khnum. Other than Chimera bringing the whole team down (at 7-4 :v ), all robots held the same 9-2 record going into the knockout rounds.


Overall record (Reddit tournaments included): 116-52


Buzzkill: (5-1) - Bot-O-Rama 2016


Oh geeze I'm terribly sorry I didnt mean to flip your robot over: (5-1) - Bot-O-Rama 2016

Xerxes: (6-1) - Cherry Bomb Classic

Ghuleh: (0-0) - R.O.B.O.T.S.

Basilisk: (2-2) - Bot-O-Rama 2016 (as Wyvern)


Wyvern: (2-2) - Bot-O-Rama 2016


Cuddle Time!: (11-5) - Ruination: The Contagion - Ruination: The Upheaval

Venice Queen: (12-2) - FRR: Backlash

Captain Trips: (6-1) - Ruination Lite: The SwitcherTWO - Cherry Bomb Classic

Endless Clowns: (3-1) - Robot Bastards 2

Banebdjedet: (0-0) - ARC Vexed

Shrapnel Cannon: (0-0) - ARC Vexed


Glass Cannon: (7-6) - Ruination: The Contagion - Ruination Lite: The SwitcherTWO

Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr: (9-3) - FRR: Backlash

Heidrun: (3-1) - Robot Bastards 2

Visual Assault: (5-2) - Cherry Bomb Classic

Ritual: (4-0) - ARC Showbots

Glitch: (0-0) - R.O.B.O.T.S.

Spectral Pudding: (0-0) - Reserve


Chimera: (17-14) - Hammerfall - Ruination: The Contagion - FRR: Backlash - R.O.B.O.T.S.

MC Hammer: (0-0) - Ruination Lite: The SwitcherTWO

Flammenwerfer: (0-0) - Mech Mash

Hazardous Waste Removal: (4-6) - Pressure Drop - Robot Bastards 2

36: (4-2) - Cherry Bomb Classic

Zenith: (0-0) - Ruination: The Upheaval

Snuggles!: (0-0) - Reserve


Angry Goat: (6-7) - Ruination: The Contagion - Ruination Lite: The SwitcherTWO - Ruination: The Upheaval

Khnum: (9-3) - FRR: Backlash

Big Spoon!: (0-0) - Alternate

The 4 Elements: (4-2) - Cherry Bomb Classic


Ruination: The Contagion[]

Copperhead award (most aggressive bot): Angry Goat (In a 5-way tie)

Finalist (Lightweight): Cuddle Time!

Ruination Lite: the SwitcherTWO[]

Champion (Heavyweight): Chino (from Team 57)

Bot-o-Rama 2016[]

Champion (Hobbyweight): Buzzkill

Third Place (Featherweight): Oh Geeze I'm Terribly Sorry I Didn't Mean To Flip Your Robot Over

Rumble Winner (Hobbyweight, Sportsmanweight): Oh Geeze I'm Terribly Sorry I Didn't Mean To Flip Your Robot Over, Wyvern

Cherry Bomb Classic[]

Tag team champion (Featherweight): Xerxes, with The Monsterworks's Howler II

Spinner Savagery Victor: 36

Antimatter Horseshoe (Unluckiest exit): the 4 Elements

Finalist (Lightweight): Captain Trips

FRR: Backlash[]

Finalist (Lightweight): Venice Queen

Trivia/fun facts:[]

-Gabe only recently became a fan of combat robotics due to the new battlebots TV series.

-Angry Goat Robotics is goat themed because goats are fantastic animals, far superior to other farm herd animals, such as the llama or the sheep

-Both Cuddle Time! and Buzzkill have been extremely lucky robots, winning many close decisions, as well as beating many powerful horizontal spinners despite their low body armor. as they were both made within the same render, Gabe now considers that render to be of high luck.

-Thrice the bridesmaid in the Lightweight division, Angry Goat Robotics has suffered two of these defeats at the hand of Team Ignition.