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Angry Goat Robots has been on ARC for 1.5 years like almost 5 years now, wew, and is living proof that admin positions on ARC are simply given away on special at Ruby Tuesdays. It took him what? A year?

The greats of ARC... Zombie Killer, Tellu, Phantasmic Slammer... and some other thing...

Voted "Team with Most Boring Designs" from 2015-2017 running and preemptively received the 2018 award as well, although the captain of Ice Cubed is in the process of disputing this result. This outfit has made a strong play in recent years for "Team with Most Pointlessly Long Robot Names" as well, though its receipt of the award is pending review of all relevant robot names - a process which should conclude (assuming no further delays) by 2023 at the latest.

Also notable for being able to tell you how and why your wedge sucks in forty-seven different ways and write a review of anything with even a modicum of creativity so scathing that it would make a hipster film critic wince. Gabe has a tendency to get so caught up in this that he fails to notice Mega Plowdozer shoving its ass in his face. Florida Man strikes again!

More recently, he has branched out from making boring meta wedges, flippers, and clamps and started making boring off-meta wedges, flippers, and clamps because being that good for that long was getting boring and Gabe's been trying to open his third eye and become more empathetic. We appreciate the free wins, fam. We really do. Unsurprisingly, this recent transformation comes with copious amounts of getting high. I'd say it isn't a party until Gabe is high, but then every moment of every day would be a party and how would we ever get anything done? I really don't know. Ask Gabe. He seems to somehow still be functional.

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