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Annoying Box Rush
Team Information
Team Team Yellow Alert
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Lightweight
Weapons Drivetrain-controlled Lifting Spikes

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Annoying Box Rush is a robot designed by Spatula for Team Yellow Alert. Originally a powered lifter, it switched over to a drivetrain-controlled lifting system which prompted a massive argument over the rules. Boasting lots of speed and torque, it is an aggressive and solid design that finished 1st in Ruination: The Omen, 1st in Reign of Steel, 2nd in Ruination: The Beginning as well as earning a playoff spot in CBBR.


Annoying Box Rush, as it appeared in VFT in early 2004

ABR was designed in 2004 to give Nick a fourth spot on his team for 4-weightclass tournaments. Originally meant as a parody of Tom Roper's SpinVerter series, it was a highly-armored lifter that found some success on

Annoying Box Rush, as it appeared in NSBFL 7, 09-2004

FRA despite radical changes to its design over time.

ABR placed third in NSBFL 7 before temporarily retiring. Throughout all incarnations it was an electric lifter with forks on the front. It benefitted heavily from tournaments that featured a moat. The flanges on the rear allowed it to recover from near-flips without assistance of its lifter. The bizarre length of the electric arm coupled with the flanges allowed it to recover from hanging off the wrong side of the wall in a moated arena. These features would disappear in later versions that competed in non-moated arenas.

ABR's fork system

Lifting Differential System[]

From Ruination: The Beginning onwards, ABR featured a unique lifting fork design. Inspired by Overkill, the forks are connected to the robot's drivetrain through a differential that causes them to pull upwards when the robot reverses, and push downwards when it drives forwards. This eliminates the need for a separate active weapon and saves weight for a more powerful drivetrain. For LORE, a clutch was added to the system to allow the forks to stay up or down while the robot travelled in any direction. For Ruination: The Omen side-skirts were added and the forks were widened.

ABR as it appeared in LORE and CBBR