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From the Depths[]

As a young frog, Jack (probably a pseudonym because nobody who isn't a recent immigrant and just making up an English name for themselves has been called 'Jack' since like...Titanic) found himself drawn to all things engineering and all things nerdy. Thus, began a path that led to his becoming Commandant Paramount and First Among Equals here on ARC. I mean, this guy literally owns our forum as of about mid 2018. Also, as of shortly later, we are pleased to report that he was able to take home what we are all sure will be the first of many, many titles now that the rest of us have a very strong incentive to keep our resident Cthulu happy and sated.

Like, on another note, let me just enthuse for a moment: Wow, Aquatic Robotics is pretty much the best team on ARC. Jack's CADs are top shelf. His RPs are never wanting. His stat spreads are to die for. I mean, it's easy to gush all day, but I'll spare you.

So, if you haven't guessed it by now, this team has a whole, 'let's make aquatic-themed bots' thing going on, just like Ice Cubed Robotics had a 'let's make ice-themed bots' thing, and The Monsterworks had a 'let's make dinosaur-themed bots' thing. To Jack's credit, he actually does make the occasionaly aquatic-themed bot, and these incidentally seem to win at a higher rate than his non-aquatic-themed creations. Odd, that. Almost as if the dark magic of the Ancients were involved somehow but, of course, totally just unfounded speculation. Jack is good. Jack is nice. We like Jack.

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