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[[File:Area51Escapee-barrier.jpg|thumb|Older version of Barrier]][[File:Area51Escapee-Barrier3.jpg|thumb|Another version of Barrier]]{{RobotStats
|robot_name= Barrier
|robot_name= Barrier
|image= [[File:Area51Escapee-barrier2.jpg|250px]]
|image= [[File:Area51Escapee-barrier2.jpg|250px]]

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Older version of Barrier

Another version of Barrier

The most recent edition of Barrier
Team Information
Team Team Gemini
Robot Statistics
Weapons Lifting forks

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Barrier was a middleweight robot under the ownership of Team Gemini. It was surrounded by hinged skirts, which always made it a nightmare to battle against. It was one of the most successful robots around, winning 2 championship titles. Its main rival was AMP, a very different design, but equally as successful.