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BlackRose in her current incarnation.
Team Information
Team Team Zlayerz
Robot Statistics
Weapons Lifting wedge, rear interchangeable wedge/scoop

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

BlackRose is a Lightweight rambot created by KodeBreaker of Team Zlayerz. She has a front lifter and a rear interchangeable set-up, with either a double hinged wedge or a scoop. She has been entered into only two tournaments so far, ARC: Armageddon and Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin, and has won both of them. BlackRose is only one of two robots to do this, the other being The Dark Side of Cupid. BlackRose may be a fembot, but she will certainly make you her bitch in the arena.

Overall Record

Wins: 18

Losses: 5


  • BlackRose has never lost a blow out decision or suffered a KO.
  • Theme: "Till Death" by alternative metal artist Sevendust.
  • Name inspiration: BlackRose from the .hack series of games.