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Braveheart the Third
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons Wedge & Thwacking Arm

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Braveheart is a combined Wedge/Thwack bot, designed by Team Mongoose.

It is similar in design to ARC icon Underall, a two-wheel drive wedge with thwacking capability. However, it lacks the three-time champion's eponymous wedges, instead having a single, steeper wedge to help with fighting spinners, which also extends to its sides. It also features removable teeth on the wedge for controlling opponents, as well as a "fin" on the thwacking tail to keep the machine stable when inverted.

Bravehart in its championship-winning guise

It was first entered into Ruination: The Beginning, with a more blocky appearance and teeth that were a part of the front wedge. It was expected to do well by the community, and these predictions were proved right, as it only suffered two losses during the season, one of which to the fearsome Luna. Following a tough match against Rooster Teeth, Braveheart and Luna met again in the finals, where Braveheart took a close Judges' Decision to win the championship in its rookie tournament.

Along with Frequency and Kraze, It was then entered into Ruination: The Omen tournament, with a tougher front end, removable catching teeth and a sleeker, hinged tail. After its championship win, it was again highly touted as a potential winner. However, it performed comparatively poorly during the season, taking four losses in its first six matches. Despite its bad run of form, it made a comeback towards the end of the season, managing to secure a playoff place during the penultimate week. It then faced Green Hornet for a place in the semi-finals, but missed out in the Judges' Decision by a single point.

Its most recent tournament was Ruination: The Contagion, where it performed strongly, finishing the season 8-5. However, a controversial loss to Marauder midway through meant it failed to progress, losing out on a tie-breaker to eventual finalist Jinx.

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 22
  • Losses: 13


  • Braveheart's theme is The Royal Scots Dragoon Guard's rendition of Flower of Scotland, in keeping with the machine's Scottish theme.
  • Braveheart was the first machine from Scotland, and the first machine from the UK, to win a championship in a major CFL tournament.