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Pip pip! Cheerio![]

England is a 'place', if you could call it that, where everyone walks around wearing top hats and monocles, speaks with a charming but virtually incomprehensible accent, eats curry, gets irresponsibly drunk, screams at footballers on the telly while lamenting the state of English/Scottish/Welsh/the other one sportsing, and builds really poor 'combat' 'robots' in their garden sheds that inevitably get destroyed only by the house robots on Robot Wars since God only knows that none of them do a lick worth of damage. With the house robots having retired, British 'roboteers' (charming term, isn't it?) have since had to rely on even poorer designs that break when looked at funny in order to maintain their time-honoured pastime of decorating their gardens with the rusted or burnt-out husks of these old contraptions.

All of the weirder ARCers hail from this gloomy, rain-lashed isle in the North Atlantic Ocean, and a mixture of their salt and tears is said to play a significant role in the recent rise in water levels, because everybody knows that Global Warming can't be real. It snowed this April! Of course, none of this lot would've noticed. They were all busy being hunched over their computers at 5:00 AM because they live in a shitty and irrelevant time zone and desperately want to communicate with the civilized world that they proudly cling to taking credit for 'creating'. To be perfectly honest, none of them is any good except for Nick Fisher, and he was smart enough to all-but-retire. Breaking the top ten is just about their high-water mark, and they are absolutely chuffed to bits on the extremely rare occasions when they manage it. That isn't to say that they aren't a valued part of the ARC community. On the contrary, UK ARCers are undoubtedly the single most valuable source of easy wins for members from other, better countries, much like in actual robotic combat. Funny, that.

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