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He's here and ready to ruin your punchlines
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Team Angry Goat Robotics
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Weapons Spinning disc

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Buzzkill is a 2WD vertical spinner built and competed with by Angry Goat Robotics. It started as a re-design of Cuddle Time!, but quickly got out of hand when I made a chassis shape more fit to hold a vertical spinner than a clamping arm. Lightly armored and with a comparatively weak weapon, Buzzkill is designed to out-maneuver opponents with spinning weaponry and keep up with wedges. A Hobbyweight, it was entered in Bot-O-Rama 2016, where it somehow managed to win despite the large number of Horizontal spinners with 360 degree protection.


Bot-O-Rama 2016: 5-1 - Champion


  • As part of the Cuddle Time! lineage, Buzzkill is a ridiculously lucky robot in close fights.
  • Buzzkill's name was suggested by Ice Cubed Robotics, in reference to its hornet-like yellow and black color scheme.
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