Fantasy Robot Combat Wiki

CFL Rules are the central rules for all tournies that can contribute results to the CFL Rankings.

The rules have changed over the years as tourney organizers have sought to improve the realism of the results as well as the metagame balance.

2014-01-27 Revision[]

The Rules that were set after Ruination: The Omen. These applied to FRR: No Mercy, CBNBC, and potentially LORE 2. Many changes occurred in this revision including removal of the wedge stat, re-tuning the damage scale, changing the walker bonus and clusterbot bonus, and shifting the total number of points down to 28 for wheeled bots.

2014-05-25 Revision - "the Spatula Set"[]

Spatula further tweaked the rules, making changes to the weapon-armor bonus and multi-weapon bonuses, and further clarifying the damage scale. The CFL-Mod rules will apply to Spatula's upcoming series of tournies - "Robot Bastards".