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Florida Man lacks skills and drive to make real robots, makes pretend ones and enters them in pretend tournaments to feel better about himself.  His run in FRR: Backlash featured, from SHW to LW, a malformed alligator on wheels, a triangle, Starship Enterprise, and an Angry Goat Robotics reject.

ARC's resident ferret's main claim to fame is his habit of making the playoffs with some of the dumbest designs and stat spreads mankind has ever seen. This guy made the semifinals with a snakebot. Let that sink in for a moment. You could consider him the Walmart Monsterworks, except that's a horrible and uncalled-for insult to Walmart.

Despite having made three separate finals, he has won no titles*. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that his relative lack of salt about this fact in the Discord is because said salt is being directed into crafting his next runner-up design. Considering his last one was a drum spinner with arms, there's no telling what the hell's coming next. Regardless of what it ends up being, rest assured that the next major's staff has already reserved a silver medal for it.

Also of note is that Cha0sFerret is one of the few ARC users who edits his own salt mines page. It seems most of the board has deemed him and his creations too inoffensive to properly roast, so he roasts himself to feel included in the community. Normally, unless you're Drew, editing your own salt page is considered poor form, but nobody is gonna piss on Mr. Ferret for doing one of the few things that still makes him happy.

*As of the end of Ruination 4, this is no longer accurate. Chaotic Robotics finally took home a gold medal with a wedge. How creative.

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