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Chimera III
Team Information
Team Angry Goat Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Heavyweight
Weapons Flipper (formerly 4-bar, currently rear-hinged)

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Original Chimera

Chimera II

Chimera is the closest thing Angry Goat Robotics has to a flagship robot, seeing as how it has been entered in every competition they have competed in thus far. It is an extremely short heavyweight flipper, 4WD with a hinged wedge out front.

since this was my first ever robot, it had a far greater thought process behind it than most of the things I build. I essentially wanted a short, annoying rammer with some sort of active weapon to avoid it getting stuck on things, or immobilized. so I stuck a 4-bar flipper on a wedge and called it good :v . well, the idea was to base it off of the three heads of a chimera (lion, goat, snake), with the lion symbolized by the wedge, the goat being the flipper, and the tail spike thing being the snake (the hammerfall version even had a flamethrower!). It was, unfortunately, somewhat poorly designed due to my lack of knowledge on how to properly build combat robots. Turns out it could not self right with that design. There was also some poor allocation of stats on my part. Still, it's clinched a playoff spot in Ruination.

Chimera V2 ditched some of the originality of the original, in exchange for better stats, a more effective front, and an anti-spinner attachment. it's also now a rear-hinged flipper with exposed back wheels. pretty much the only thing that stayed the same was the basic design. this certainly performed somewhat better, but still not quite up to the Angry Goat robotics standards.

So, we went even shorter. and 2 wheel-drive. Now an aggressively wide and long robot, clever allocation of innards allows for it to be less than 6 inches tall at its highest point. the tail has also been ditched, since it mostly just got me stuck on things anyway.

Record: 17-14[]

Chimera v2 with its anti-spinner attachment.

Hammerfall: 2-2

Ruination: The contagion: 7-7 - Quarterfinalist

FRR: Backlash: 8-5 - Quarterfinalist


-The first Angry Goat Robot

-the Chimera is a monster from Greek mythology with the head of a lioness, another head coming out of its midriff that's a goat, and a tail that is either a snake or dragon, depending on translation.

-Meta Ridley has already beaten Chimera V1 twice. does that make it her nemesis? maybe?