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Code Red Robotics[]

Hey, so there are these bunch of noobs from RA2 who talk about RA2 all day and how much the ARC peeps are probably going to clown them for their bad RPs and talking about RA2 so much and showing so many RA2 bots and being from RA2 and RA2ing RA2 so they can RA2 while they RA2. This guy is one of them and literally nobody cares.

We just remember that his idea of a fun arena is 0.5 km x 0.5 km in area with 20 square meter floor flippers. To put that into perspective, it would literally take a robot travelling in a straight line at 20 km/h a full minute to reach the other side. Oh yeah, there was another with a floor spinner that generated something like a megajoule of force upon impact, making 100KJ tombstone cry and instantly vaporising bots on impact. Apparently, RA2ing encourages a thorough knowledge of physics, and we here at ARC encourage its use.

TCR's (Shouldn't that actually be CRR, considering the team name?) actual record in tourneys is rubbish thus far, but it's mostly because he's not been around long enough, so he's basically only beaten jobbers so far. They've made more of a contribution to the Discord, though. Logging in, you're likely to find some sort of meme or fundamentally flawed arena/bot/nebulous concept he's posted.

As of recently, he's changed his name to "Code Pink" for whatever reason, and in November he spent a good majority of it trying to be a Laz copycat in being "toxic" or whatever, but he failed miserably. Nowadays, he spends most his time on Discord, doing god knows what in PMs, talking about his fetishes nobody cares about, and waiting until last minute to send in half assed RPs that essentially say "your bot doesn't work, I win". He's also moved from one cesspool to another, instead of the broken physics of RA2, he now prioritizes beating up 6 year olds over Roblox, instead of putting time and effort into his RPs.

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