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Team Information
Team Ice Cubed Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Front-hinged Flipper, running on Low Pressure C0² gas.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Conqueror is a Lightweight wedge flipper built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics, originally built as an improved Lightweight version of its predecessor- the FRR: Dead Zone Middleweight Finalist, Dreadnought. A low, two-wheel driven wedge design with angled plating and rear wedges to help deflect blows (Not to mention looking pretty damn cool.), it features a wide and powerful front-hinged Flipper, running on Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide (C0²) gas with a strip of thick Polycarbonate along the top of it to stop opponents from driving over the top of it. It lacked the rear-mounted Pneumatic Spike its predecessor had, but in return, the plumbing powering the Flipper was refined, allowing it to fire much faster and more powerfully than before, and quickly self-right the robot when flipped over.

To date- Conqueror is currently Ice Cubed Robotics' most successful Lightweight in terms of its placing, finishing Second in Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin. Although it currently has less wins than its teammate Tornedron, it hopes to improve on its success in later competitions.

Fast, nimble, well-protected and well-armed, "Conks" has got it all- with the exception of one little thing. Namely, mercy.


Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin- Lightweight Runner Up, finished Second to BlackRose.

Ruination Lite: The Switcheroo- Lightweight Runner Up, finished Second to Zombie Killer.

Wins- 10 Losses- 7

Biggest Rival- The Servant's Assistant 3

Theme- Nostradamus, Judas Priest


  • Much like its predecessor, Conqueror was named after a Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine- in particular, HMS Conqueror, known for its role in sinking the Argentinian battleship ARA General Belgrano during the Falklands War.
  • Conqueror was built with an adjustable Air Suspension system that would allow it to adjust its ground clearance mid-fight, via a series of air-powered pumps. This would enable it to drive over wedges more easily, drive its wedge tip into the ground to more effectively get under opponents, or lean into its turns to improve its agility. It was later changed to an optional feature, due to taking too much power from the Flipper and for causing controversy with its introduction into CBBR, but will be instated as a permanent feature on the robot when it returns due to stat changes on ARC.
  • Along with the Union Jacks it has on its wheelguards, Conqueror also features the flag of Lincolnshire along the side of its front wedge.
  • The new Heavyweight version of its predecessor Dreadnought was very much based on Conqueror's design. It does have some modifications however, with no suspension and a wider wedge tip for improved capability in getting under opponents, amongst other changes.
  • Conqueror is frequently referred to under the affectionate nickname of "Conks".
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