Cool Story Brobotics
Cool Story Brobotics logo
Participation Information
Series Robot Fight Night Season 1
The Gentleman's Club
the royal rumble 2018
The Pound
Ruination: The Upheaval
Reckoning: Revival
Team Information
Team Members Trihunter
Home Town Gensokyo, Yatsugatake Mountains, Japan Surrey, United Kingdom

Cool Story Brobotics is a fictional robot combat team consisting of team lead Trihunter and several touring members, none of which actually exist in real life, or consent to being members of the team. It's probably fine. Anyway, Cool Story Brobotics is a somewhat new team, joining the circuit in late 2017, racking up an already impressive number of losses.

Notable robots from the team include:

  • Mimi-Chan, the sole Dream Team rep in REDDIT and self-proclaimed meme/site mascot
  • Steelhead, an ICE-powered clutch flipper which won ICECrown
  • Highland Fling II, a horrible mistake of a Crazy Susan clone.
  • Megaflare, Gigaflare and Petaflare, a series of crushers that have a habit of shooting sparks everywhere whenever they do anything.
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