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Team Logo. Wow, so animated and edgy.

One of several of the forum weebs, almost every single one of Cool Story Brobotics' bots has been created and named in reference to something or other from Japan. Alternatively, some of the bots are named after video game characters (although those also mostly come from Japan)... Wait, what do you mean this isn't Team 57's article?

Anyway, Tri is only a veteran by technicality in the ranks of ARC, with most of their weeabots crashing out in spectacular fashion in qualifiers by being the exact opposite of competitive designs, or doing surprisingly well in qualifiers with a bot, only to bomb out in the first knockout round. The only exceptions to this are once in a blue moon when a competition has a SHW division, in which case he makes a deep run out of nowhere, and thus, this weight class is currently the source of every trophy he owns. One such big boy is Steelhead, surprisingly for once not themed to a Touhou waifu of the week, which, in a surprisingly meta-predicting move, was a brick that looked interesting enough to not get instantly kicked out of the tournament, and the only one of the roster to bring a flipper to a tournament filled with ICEs that stall if inverted. Another is Hartmann's Youkai Bot, a blatant ripoff of Snijmachine that was thankfully built in an era where sufficiently flat motors arguably exist.

Gaze upon its majesty.

Other more interesting bots the team has made include GBJ, a dustpan bot with the most cursed paintjob short of Playzooki's works, Gigaflare, quite possibly the worst designed crusher in the history of ARC, Petaflare, quite possibly the best designed crusher in the history of ARC despite being borderline identical to Gigaflare (though this is more a case of quantity of wins than consistency), and Mimi-Chan, which is legally ARC's greatest meme.

Tri has a brief history as a tournament organiser, starting out as the host of the poorly planned out RoBattle, a Robotica knock-off with a poorly planned set of events resulting in lots of "do the thing" RPs, every single brick in the tournament being put into the same heat for some reason, and the only time a user has been banned for posting gay porn. However, thanks to basically all of ARC's alumni burning out hard, he's now the sole person in the entirety of ARC that can actually get a tournament completed, having taken over for CBC4 after the world went to shit, managing to just about lug it over the finish line. Give him a couple of years, and we expect him to snap too, at which point ARC will die entirely, because the only remaining person willing to host tourneys will be Pat.

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