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Count Bleck
Team Information
Team Team Zlayerz
Robot Statistics
Weapons Spinning shell

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Count Bleck is a Superheavyweight show-bot created by KodeBreaker of Team Zlayerz. He is a 4-wheel omnidrive FBS, with two nasty looking teeth on the bottom part of the spinning shell. On the back of the "head" he has a flag to give it a minor chance of self-righting, but it hasn't proven to be effective.

Count Bleck performed decently for a show-bot, nearly breaking even as many show-bots barely scrape 2-3 wins. Only time will tell if he will return.

On the Fighting Robots Association's Fanfic board, Count Bleck is a house robot that punishes competitors in the Crash & Burn series of tournaments. However, he has been humiliated at times.

Overall Record

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 6


  • Count Bleck obviously takes its name from the Super Paper Mario antagonist. Similarly, his theme is also the same as the villain's.
  • His secondary theme is "Dehumanized", a B-side track by Chicago-born metal group Disturbed.
  • Count Bleck is Team Zlayerz' only CFL robot to use omni-drive.