Coup de Grâce is a walking hammerbot created by Alpha Robotics. This bot is known for its dangerously powerful hammer, half of it's wins happening by knockout. It is also infamously known as one of the three bots in the "walking death hammer trio", (the other two being Elrathia and Axtinguisher), and for damaging the arena floor.

It was first entered into the short-lived tournament of Robot Bastards 2: The New Era, where it had a wheel design. It did very well in the 4 weeks of the tournament, winning 3 fights of the four. In order to continue this success, it was entered into the tournament known as R.O.B.O.T.S. where it was able to try out a walker system. It had very positive results, surviving and knocking out spinners such as Death Metal, and even winning a close judges decision against the monstrous brick, Howler V. It is now currently in the finals, facing the low wedge of Redemption Denied. Whether or not Coup de Grâce can go all the way, remains to be seen.

It was first entered into the short-lived tournament Robot Bastards 2: The New Era as a wheeled design and managed to put up a decent record, destroying the top armor of two opponents in one shot. With the tournament being on longtime hiatus, Coup de Grâce was entered into R.O.B.O.T.S with a new look and was given a walker system in order to keep up with the oncoming bris.

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