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Crash Blossom
Crash Blossom Single.png
Crash Blossom in its CBC appearance
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons Multi-purpose jaws

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Crash Blossom is a robot with multi-functional jaw weaponry, designed by Team Mongoose.

It features a large pair of jaws at the front of the machine, which can be used for clamping, lifting or thwacking. It also features two large wheels to give good ground clearance and invertibility, plus a plow on the rear to defend against spinners.

Its debut tournament was the Cherry Bomb Classic, where it was arguably the most successful machine in the whole field. It went undefeated in the group stages, followed by victories over the #2 and #3 seeds, Visual Assault and Harbinger respectively in the playoffs. In the finals, it scored a victory over The Monsterworks' Seadevil, who incidentally also qualified from the same group.

Crash Blossom was also entered into the Tag Team side tournament alongside Seadevil, where the duo emerged victorious, plus it won the Clamper Clash rumble to qualify for One Bot To Rule Them All, again becoming the victor. This meant that Crash Blossom finished with fourteen victories and three championships from one tournament, although only the main Middleweight championship was counted towards the Team Mongoose CFL rankings.

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 0