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Cryoseism as it appeared in LoRE
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons Spinning shell

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Cryoseism is a Heavyweight shell spinner designed by Team Mongoose.

It is designed with small teeth, so as not to take as much recoil damage, and a smaller than normal flag on top, again to not take any sudden jolts when self-righting. However, the flag has proved exceedingly unreliable in self-righting the machine, and is more often used as an orientation device, allowing the driver to see which way the robot is currently pointing.

It was first entered into the League of Robotic Excellence tournament, where it took the #1 seed in the division, and defeated Parasite in the semi-finals, falling to Shadow Zone Forever in the final match, finishing with a 9-2 record. Its other loss was against Bulletproof Bomb, in which the match had to be stopped - in an ironic twist - due to Cryoseism suffering an internal fire. It has not since been entered into any other tournaments.


  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 2


  • Cryoseism's overall colour scheme, along with the design on the flag, was inspired by the weather event of the same name whereby the water in saturated ground freezes and expands, building up pressure, before that pressure is released in a sudden burst.
  • Cryoseism has also had a reasonable amount of success on FRA Fanfic, finishing fourth overall in the Crash and Burn 5 tournament, defeating Revolver Ocelot in the series semi-finals.
  • Cryoseism's theme song is currently "Snowblind", by Black Sabbath.