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Crystal is a lightweight robot of Team MPire. It is best known for entering League Of Robotic Excellence.

Robot History[]

League of Robotic Excellence[]

Crystal's first match was against Conqueror, where Crystal immediately goes for a defensive strategy. Crystal is able to get underneath Conqueror after dodging an attack, and flings Conqueror away. Conqueror quickly comes back and wedges Crystal then throws it into the arena hammer. Crystal eventually escapes and both robots drive around trying to dodge the other, Crystal manages to flip Conqueror once more until it is flipped over itself. Cease is called and Conqueror wins with a 31-14 judges' decision.

The second week match was against Mr. Not Very Nice LW. NVN starts spinning on the spot as Crystal quickly drives towards it and is hit on the side. Crystal takes advantage as NVN almost begins to spin again and is flipped up on its back, immobilizing it. NVN is counted out, giving Crystal its first win. The next match was against Turgor. Turgor charges, but Crystal is able to dodge the attack. After charging again, Crystal gets its flipper under Turgor and flips it into the air, but lands facing Crystal. Turgor wedges Crystal and sends it into the hammer, causing damage to the flipper and right side of the armour. Turgor backs away as Crystal escapes, and manages to get one last flip in before Turgor slams Crystal into the arena wall, causing an immobilization.

Crystal's week 4 opponent was Cheetah, and immediately drove into Crystal but gets its flipper underneath it and flips Cheetah over. Crystal flips Cheetah a few more times until Cheetah is self-righted and wedges Crystal, it slams Crystal into the arena wall, flipping Crystal over. Crystal self-rights and flips Cheetah around before cease is called. Crystal wins the match with a 28-17 decision. The next match was against Recovered. Crystal uses a defensive strategy again and flips Recovered a couple of times via dodging. Recovered spins on the spot, hitting the left wheel and armour of Crystal. Recovered manages to wedge Crystal and pushes it into the saws. Crystal flips Recovered into the wall but is hit again on the armour with spin attacks. Crystal flips Recovered one last time before cease is called, and Recovered wins with a 25-20 decision.

Crystal's next match was against Annoying Box Rush. Both robots drive to the centre, with Crystal getting around the side of Rush and flips it a couple of times. Rush quickly drives Crystal into the arena wall and dents the flipper a bit, but Crystal is still able to flip Rush away. Rush again slams Crystal into the wall, but Crystal again flips it away. Cease is eventually called and Crystal wins with a 24-21 decision. Crystal's next opponent was Spin Cycle 2 but forfeited before the match, giving Crystal the win.


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 3