Cuddle Time!
File:Cuddle time! II I
Team Information
Team Angry Goat Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Clamp and lifting arm

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Cuddle Time! is a Lightweight robot, of Angry Goat Robotics. Designed to control the match by clamping onto opposing robots, Cuddle Time! also features surprisingly good spinner resistance with its rear plow, as shown by its ability to reach the finals in a spinner heavy lightweight category in Ruination: the Contagion. Cuddle Time! has been updated for competition in the upcoming Ruination: The Upheval tournament. the slower clamp arm has been replaced by a fast rack-and-pinion design that's powerful enough to right the robot on its own. it's also gained better rammer resilience in the form of multiple rear attachments, and higher ground clearance, as well as a wider lifter spatula (with an anti-tip design taken from this year's Complete Control). 


Ruination: the Contagion: 11-5 - Finalist


Cuddle time! II.JPG
An iteration of the new design
Old Cuddle Time!.jpg
Cuddle Time! as competed in Ruination: The Contagion

-Cuddle Time! was re-designed into the Hobbyweight Buzzkill in what can only be described as a failed successful re-design  -Don't tell the others, but Cuddle Time!'s my favorite. shhhhh

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