Dock Leaf was North-West Sheds' first attempt at ARC, and was utterly terrible. It had many design flaws, including a lack of armour, control, and any ability to get under other robots. It now lives in the shed, in many pieces after the utter destruction it was dealt in the rumble at Redditbots.

Dock Leaf v1.1.png

Dock Leaf v1

This was an early design, never used. I soon realised it had extremely vulnerable wheels, and it was retired.

Dock Leaf.png

Dock Leaf v1.1

This was the replacement, with less vulnerable wheels, and just as bad a wedge.

Redditbots:Pressure Drop

After entry, the robot participated in a practice match against Brain Damage, via OOTA in 1:48, which it actually won, but I decided not to include non-competition matches in my win-loss ratio.

It then got matched against Vertigo 2 as it's first fight. To cut a long story short, I got decimated, never doing anything meaningful, whilst somehow going the full 3 minutes to lose a 34-11 judges decision

Next, Pro, which was a very boring match in which nothing much happened, with Pro winning a 23-22 judges' decision.

Then, Redemption Denied, who utterly dominated the match, flipping Dock Leaf OOTA in 1:51.

After that, Log Joke Emancipate Fish Venerate Stagioni, known to it's friends as Jeff, pushing Dock Leaf onto the screws, resulting in a KO in 2:13, after, as with most of Dock Leaf's matches, it struggled to anything meaningful due to it's lack of control and a good wedge.

Next, Unsafe At Any Speed. I drove around for a minute, tried to box rush him, and was decimated. Most of the front end was ripped off, and a small LiPo fire broke out.

Finally, the bot was duct taped back together for the rumble, where Doomsday (helped by Augmentor GX) took off a wheel and destroyed one of the wedges near instantaneously, after Dock Leaf limped around for a bit, whilst getting an OOTA KO on Swordfish via sheer luck, before being finished off by a tag-team of Pro and Powerdrive.

The robot probably isn't going to be rebuilt, and will stand as a lesson for all: Speed kills (you.)

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