Doomerang 2
The current version of Doomerang
Team Information
Team Team Ignition
Robot Statistics
Weapons Melty-Brain Spinner

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Doomerang is a heavyweight melty-brain spinner entered by Team Ignition into /r/BattleBots: Hammerfall. Armed with low wedged weapon arms and an intimidating look, it immediately struck chords throughout the other competitors, which eventually led up to a pre-season grudge match with Crazy Lobster. Doomerang handily won this match by knockout.

Doomerang was placed into Group H in the round-robin qualifiers alongside Parasite, Jean Baudrillard and Omni-Bus. It quickly defeated Jean Baudrillard by knockout, but lost a similar knockout to Parasite and a close controversial judge's decision to Omni-Bus, meaning it did not qualify for the single-elimination finals. However, it was voted into the finals as one of the wild-card entrants, and defeated the destructive Doomsday in an upset before losing once again to Parasite.

The original version of Doomerang which competed in /r/BattleBots Hammerfall.

Doomerang was rebuilt for the second /r/BattleBots competition, Pressure Drop, changing its look heavily and replacing the four double-wedged arms with three arms with pointed ends. Before competing in Pressure Drop, however, it was entered into The Monsterworks' tournament Extinction, where it met with decent success, eventually finishing 3-2. Unfortunately, it was kept out of the playoffs by a tiebreaker.

Doomerang 2 was placed into Group B of Pressure Drop alongside Hellhound, Channel One, Scarab, Powerdrive and Popo's Corkscrew. Doomerang 2 sadly underperformed greatly in this group, losing hard matches to Hellhound and Popo while also being defeated by Scarab in an upset. However, for the second time it was voted into the finals as a wildcard and is currently slated to compete against Exertion in the first round of the playoff bracket.