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Dreadnought Mk2
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Dreadnought Mk2
Team Information
Team Ice Cubed Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Front-hinged Flipper, running on Low Pressure C0² gas.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Dreadnought Mark 2 (Also known as simply Dreadnought.) is a Heavyweight wedge flipper designed and built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics, built to be an improved sequel to its predecessor Dreadnought.

Very much based upon its Lightweight counterpart and prototype Conqueror, it is a low, two-wheel driven wedge design clad in thick armour and aerodynamic angled plating for deflecting blows, and driven by special foam-filled tyres that provide it with better traction and good protection from the killsaws and other potential hazards. In terms of its design however, Dreadnought has a noticeably wider wedge tip to get underneath opponents more easily, a much more defined wedge at the back for additional protection from horizontal spinners, and runs on a specialised drivetrain that makes it not only incredibly agile, but very fast and powerful compared to its predecessors.

Its main feature however, is its main weapon- a powerful front-hinged Flipper that runs on Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide (C0²) gas and has a strip of thick polycarbonate attached to the top of it, designed to stop opponents from driving over the top of the robot. Compared to its predecessors, Dreadnought Mark 2's flipper is further improved- not only is it wider and easier to flip opponents with, but its plumbing has been further refined from Conqueror's design. This allows it to fire much faster and more powerfully, self-right at a faster pace when flipped over, and due to running on Low Pressure, lasts much longer than a standard High Pressure-powered Flipper.

Several additional defenses are based around the weapon as well- it has a layer of thick polycarbonate mounted underneath the Flipper to protect any vulnerable internal components against overhead attacks such as Axes and Crushers, and thicker armour plating surrounding heavy-duty hinges to effectively protect against blows from powerful Horizontal Spinners.

A separate and entirely new design from its Middleweight predecessor, Dreadnought Mark 2 made its first appearance in FRR: No Mercy, where it is currently competing. With a sleek design and its impressive heritage behind it, Can this new incarnation of two old favourites from Ice Cubed Robotics make it big on ARC?


FRR: No Mercy- Currently competing.

Wins- 8 Losses- 2

Biggest Rival- Truth or Consequences

Theme: Battlerock/Dreadnought Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy


Dreadnought Mark 2's original design sketch.

  • Much like its older brothers, Dreadnought is named after a Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine- HMS Dreadnought, the United Kingdom's first Nuclear-powered Submarine.
  • Dreadnought Mark 2 is one of the few robots to change weight classes in between its appearances in an ARC competition.
  • Dreadnought Mark 2 is so far considered to be the ultimate incarnation of the Dreadnought family, utilising positive design aspects from both its original Middleweight counterpart (Toughness, tenacity), and its Lightweight prototype, Conqueror (Improved agility, chassis design, Flipper basis), with several improvements introduced with it. These include the foam tyres for improved traction and resisting killsaw damage, combination of a wider wedge and more powerful Flipper, faster and more powerful drivetrain, and greatly improved armour and defenses all-round.
  • Dreadnought Mark 2 features the flag of Lincolnshire along its front and rears wedges- a feature it shares with Conqueror.