Dumbo's Revenge

An upcycled torrent of righteous thunder
Team Information
Team Oryx Robotics Group
Robot Statistics
Weapons Spinning drum

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Dumbo's Revenge was the first robot ever designed by Oryx Robotics Group. It is a distinctive heavyweight drum spinner with shock absorbing panels located on each flank of the robot.

Dumbo's Revenge was first entered into the /r/Battlebots Hammerfall competition where it underwent 3 changes during the preseason until it was finally entered in as Dumbo's Revenge M2A1. Dumbo saw a moderate amount of success in Hammerfall, being knocked out in the playoff stage by Meta Ridley.

An updated version of Dumbo's Revenge, dubbed the M3A1, was entered into FRR Backlash until it was replaced by Smilodon.

Dumbo's Revenge is currently in its M3A1 version. A full album of it's evolution can be found here

Overall Record

  • Wins 5
  • Losses 2



The first version of Dumbo's Revenge. Featured a toothed drum spinner and ballistic shock absorbing panels on a nimble chassis. M1 Full Album


This version of Dumbo's Revenge was designed in reaction to the threat posed by the robot "Team Vertigo". The M2 had a more rounded chassis than the M1 and incorporated two spiked ground-scrapers directly to the frame to defeat wedges on other robots. M2 Full Album


Built on the same chassis as the M2; the M2A1 featured a new weapon. Replacing the toothed drum with an asymmetrical "snail" drum to maximize impact and optimize spin-up time. This was the version entered into Hammerfall. M2A1 Full Album


The first fully revised version of Dumbo's Revenge. Created post-Hammerfall, the M3A1 rocks an upgraded chassis, improved ground scraper, beefed up armor systems, and improved weapon motors to better utililze the A1 snail drum. The M3A1 was slated to be entered as part of Oryx Robotics Group's debut ARC team in FRR Backlash until it was replaced by Smilodon. M3A1 Full Album


  • The distinctive shock panels on Dumbo's Revenge are based on real world technology known as AJAX Armor used to uparmor man-portable machine guns
  • Dumbo's Revenge M1 went through 16 different "official" color schemes before Hammerfall began. But it was the "Strormfront" color scheme used on the M2A1 that would become the standard paint scheme for Oryx Robotics Group.
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