Fantasy Robot Combat Wiki

End of the Line LLC is a team we keep around mainly so its owner, V900 (aka Mr. AS aka Noah aka The Beast from the Motherfucking East Coast), can churn out cool emotes for our discord server at a sweatshop worker rate. Heck, we even give the guy free wins when he enters a tournament so he stays happy and doesn't get wise to the big con going on around him. It's kind of like The Truman Show.

In terms of designs, he tends towards either boring bricky things with interesting paintjobs and some random-ass feature intended to make them not-generic or stuff best described as "weapons-grade autism, more or less". This, coming from Alex of The Monsterworks, a team with a storied history of entering such designs itself. Noah's catching up, though. Better watch out, Monsterworks.

"I would also like to point out that the team captain, V900, is the most annoying little piece of thing that the discord has ever seen. Seriously, he is always sending messages in the main discord chat, showing his dumb japcrap bots and giving them bad stats even tho there is a channel dedicated to that (thanks to him mostly), saying random shit, and proposing the stupidest bot ideas that aren't even funny, not even as a shit post. This isn't helped from the fact that he specifically hunts for the most annoying picture to use for a profile picture. V900, if you are reading this, i would like to tell you and your 6 brain cells to please shut up." - Anonymous