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Flammenwerfer II.JPG

this is technically Flammenwerfer V3
Team Information
Team Angry Goat Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Heavyweight
Weapons flamethrower, Original sin wedgelets/wedge/different kind of wedge/plow

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Flammenwerfer is a 6 wheel drive Heavyweight wedgebot designed by Angry Goat Robotics. with interchangeable attachments, Flammenwerfer is equally able to take on rammers, lifters, clampers, spinners, and Drakina. (well, maybe on that last one). Its relatively high ground clearance and exposed wheels allow it to traverse over anything over which it might have to traverse, and help make it look even more like the bastard lovechild of Stinger and Original Sin. Flammenwerfer is currently entered in Mech Mash.


has yet to face competition


-Flammenwerfer means Flamethrower in German. I know, I'm real original.

-Flammenwerfer has a flamethrower because I am apparently incapable of creating a robot with a 0 in the weapon statistic line. also because the name seems somewhat intimidating.

Original Flammenwerfer (no, the wedge isnt hinged :v)

-Despite never competing, Flammenwerfer has gone through approximately the same amount of iteration as Cuddle Time! and Chimera

-Flammenwerfer was originally based off of Alcoholic Stepfather. it's now mostly inspired by SZF and Original sin

Flammenwerfer V2