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Frequency 3 Single.png
Frequency's most recent version
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons Horizontal spinning bar.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Frequency is a Lightweight horizontal spinner created by Team Mongoose.

It utilises a motor-on-top design, mounting the motor for the weaponry in a housing above the weaponry itself, in order to keep the bar as close to the ground as possible. It features all-around hinged skirting with a restricted arc, so as to prevent the skirts moving into the path of the bar should it be overturned.

It first took part in Ruination: The Beginning, where it had a pink cage-style mounting for the motor, a solid frontal wedge, and grey corner panels, connected with pink wheelguards. This drew numerous comments regarding its similarity to AMP. Frequency only broke even during the season, narrowly missing a spot in the playoffs, leading to an RP where the machine suffered a mental breakdown during the final week of the season.

Its next tournament was the follow-up in the series, Ruination: The Omen. Here it had been almost completely redesigned, with hinged skirts all around, a new motor cage, and the weapon assembly positioned in the center of the machine. Here it went a very convincing 9-2 in the main season, scoring six wins by knockout, losing a narrow decision to the tough Mercenary, and itself being immobilized by the even tougher Annoying Box Rush. It met ABR again in its playoff match, but lost again, while ABR would go on to become champion.

It was then entered into both Ruination:The Contagion, and FRR: Backlash, having much success in both, eventually finishing top of its division in the former. However, it lost to dedicated spinner-killers Cuddle Time! in the semi-finals of Ruination, and Rosebud in the Backlash playoffs.

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 32
  • Losses: 14


  • In the Ruination: The Omen tournament, Frequency was never defeated in the Lumina Cloth arena.
  • Frequency was originally designed in the video game Robot Arena 2, before being modified and remade in CAD form.
  • A running joke between Team Mongoose and Team Zlayerz is Frequency being the child of their respective Heavyweight flippers, Cutie Honey and Kraze.