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Team Information
Team Team Zlayerz
Robot Statistics
Weapons Scoop flipper with spikes inside.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Fulcrum is a Superheavyweight flipper created by KodeBreaker of Team Zlayerz. It features a very thick scoop on a flipping arm, and has multiple teeth on the scoop, so when an opponent lands on the scoop, they can get tossed and damaged by the teeth at the same time. Due to the slope of the sides, it will always land on its back when flipped, and can self-right easily. The shape under the scoop flipper is also scoop-like and has an additional skirt that can be removed if fighting a full body spinner or low horizontal spinner, and then the flipping scoop can close over top of them and clamp them, allowing Fulcrum to drag them to nasty places.

Fulcrum is one of the original four robots of Team Zlayerz, entered into ARC: Reckoning alongside Scarab, Perseus, and Shadow Zone Forever. It did not do very well in that tournament; its only legitimate wins were against Fish of Doom's Written Like The "O" In The Word "Goodbye" in a 27-18 judges' decision, and against Britespark's Panda-Mick in a 23-22 split judges' decision.

Fulcrum is expected to enter Ruination: The Omen in a highly improved form, pending Teresa's success in League of Robotic Excellence.

Overall Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 8


  • Theme: "Choose Your Fate" by St. Louis post-hardcore artist Story of the Year
  • Name inspiration: A fulcrum is the support at which a lever pivots. Since a flipper is like a lever of sorts, I thought it was rather clever.
  • Fulcrum used to sport a Canadian flag, but its upcoming redesign no longer has that.