Fulcrum II
Team Information
Team Team Blood Gulch
Robot Statistics
Weapons 4-bar flipper with different flipper set-ups.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Fulcrum2point5 RV.png
Fulcrum II's rear view.
Fulcrum2point5 Scoop.png
Fulcrum II with its scoop.

Fulcrum is a Superheavyweight flipper created by KodeBreaker of Team Covenant, and currently owned by NWOWWE of Team Bloog Gulch. He is a 4WD box wedge with a rounded rear and bulbuous sides, with 3D-arrows to prevent opponents stacking him on his side. The main feature, of course, is the 4-bar flipper in front, with two different set-ups. The main set-up is the three-pronged wedge, specially designed to be heavy enough to get under the lighter Underall-wedges and some lighter flippers, but leveraging enough to defeat flat wedges like the ones on real robots Electric Lunch and New Cruelty. The scoop set-up was the original set-up for all uses, but isn't primarily a wedge-defeating utility. Instead, it is used against horizontal spinners.

The original Fulcrum.

The first version of Fulcrum featured a very thick scoop on a flipping arm, and had multiple teeth on the scoop, so when an opponent landed on the scoop, they would get tossed and damaged by the teeth at the same time. Due to the slope of the sides, it would always land on its back when flipped, and could self-right easily. The shape under the scoop flipper was also scoop-like and had an additional skirt that could be removed if fighting a full body spinner or low horizontal spinner, and then the flipping scoop could close over top of them and clamp them, allowing Fulcrum to drag them to nasty places. It also sported a Canadian flag texture on the sides.

Fulcrum is one of the original four robots of Team Covenant, entered into ARC: Reckoning alongside Scarab, Perseus, and Shadow Zone Forever. It did not do very well in that tournament; its only legitimate wins were against Fish of Doom's Written Like The "O" In The Word "Goodbye" in a 27-18 judges' decision, and against Britespark's Panda-Mick in a 23-22 split judges' decision.

Fulcrum made the finals of FRR: No Mercy, losing to Parabolic Trajectory. After the tournament, though, he was handed over to Josh Noel due to a bet made during the play-offs, where Fulcrum defeated Final Boss and ended the drought of Team Covenant constantly losing to it.

Overall Record

  • Wins: 12
  • Losses: 12


  • Name inspiration: A fulcrum is the support at which a lever pivots. Since a flipper is like a lever of sorts, Kody thought it was rather clever.
  • Fulcrum originated as a vertical spinner named Red Flag, which was set to enter the cancelled ARC: Backlash. Red Flag, to put it bluntly, was not that good, however Red Flag did have success in Nick Schuch's very first Byte Size tournament.
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