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Furious Redemption
A whirling maelstrom of hellfire
Team Information
Team Oryx Robotics Group
Robot Statistics
Weapons Sectioned shell spinner

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Furious Redemption is the first Middleweight robot, and first shell spinner, designed by Oryx Robotics Group.

As a member of the first full Oryx lineup it was entered into FRR Backlash in December of 2015

Furious Redemption is currently in it's M1 iteration, it's evolution can be seen here.

Overall Record

  • Wins 0
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Furious Redemption M1 was the first full design of the robot. It utilizes a three-wheeled kiwi drive train to maximize mobility, a self-righting pole that also doubles as a way to help determine directional facing, and a sectioned spinner. M1 Full Album


  • The cylindrical pegs on the weapon of Furious Redemption M1 were designed to differentiate it from the more common spiked studs seen on many other spinners