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Golden Destiny 2
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Golden Destiny 2
Team Information
Team Team MPire
Robot Statistics
Weapons Double-Headed Axe

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Golden Destiny 2 is a middleweight robot of Team MPire. It is best known for entering League of Robotic Excellence.

Robot History[]

League of Robotic Excellence[]

Golden Destiny 2's first match was against Terminus. Both robots drove to the centre, and Terminus straight away wedges Golden Destiny 2 and hits it with its axe. Golden Destiny 2 lands axe blows of its own but aren't as effective, an axe shot by Terminus takes out the power in Golden Destiny 2's axe and is shoved into the arena hammer, where it eventually becomes immobile and ends the match. The week 2 match was against Luna. Golden Destiny 2 tries for a different tactic by charging, but Luna rips off one of the wedge armours from Golden Destiny 2. Golden Destiny 2 again goes for a tackle but another hit from Luna causes a drive motor to slide across the floor. Luna hits Golden Destiny 2 once more as it gets counted out for its second loss.

Golden Destiny 2's next match was against WhipCoil 4.5, where they both drove into each other with WhipCoil wedging Golden Destiny 2. Golden Destiny 2 manages to hit WhipCoil with its axe while wedged, until WhipCoil pushes it into the hammer. Golden Destiny 2 begins to get more aggressive with its axe, causing WhipCoil to back away but powers Golden Destiny 2 back into the hammer. Golden Destiny 2 is then immobilized and counted out. The week 4 match was against Give Way. Give Way starts to spin, as Golden Destiny 2 gets cautious by trying to find the right moment to attack. Give Way drives to the side but Golden Destiny 2 blocks it and lands an axe shot to the top of Give Way, causing it to back away. Golden Destiny 2 misses another attack and Give Way sends it on its back from a clip to the wedge. Golden Destiny 2 quickly self-rights but is taking hits to the armour and quickly escapes from more damage. It misses another axe attempt and is hit in the wedge, sending it again on its back. Golden Destiny 2 again self-rights and starts a hit-and-run strategy until cease is called. Golden Destiny 2 loses to a 23-22 split judges' decision.

The next match was against Decapitator. Golden Destiny 2 drives into Decapitator after a failed dodge, and both robots begin to exchange axe blows with Decapitator's being more effective. Decapitator gets out of Golden Destiny 2's wedges and drives around to the sides and starts hitting Golden Destiny 2 with its axe, then pushes it into the arena wall. Decapitator hits Golden Destiny 2 a few more times with its axe until it becomes immobile, and it gets counted out. Golden Destiny 2's next match was against Good For It, which didn't last very long. Good For It's flywheel straight away broke off Golden Destiny 2's axe motor just as the axe was swinging. Golden Destiny 2 tries for a wedge attack but is send skidding across the floor from a shot by Good For It, Golden Destiny 2 eventually becomes immobile after another hit and is counted out for its sixth consecutive loss.

The week 7 match was against Influenza, which turned out to be one of the shortest matches of LoRE. Both robots drive to the centre of the arena, and a single hit from Influenza immediately immobilizes Golden Destiny 2, it gets counted out with another loss.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 7