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Havoc Pigeon
No face shall go unmelted
Team Information
Team Oryx Robotics Group
Robot Statistics
Weapons Tilted overhead spinner

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Havoc Pigeon is the lightest robot created by Oryx Robotics Group, clocking in at only 12 pounds, and was the final bot created for entry into Bot-O-Rama 2016.

The creation of Havoc Pigeon actually began as a failed design for the Night Stalkers Division; instead it would gon on to be developed for Bot-O-Rama alongside Hopscotch Pilgrim and Answering Chord after Oryx Robotics Groups' initial showing at Hammerfall.

Havoc Pigeon is currently in it's M1 configuration. To view it's evolution click here

Overall Record[]

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The first version of Havoc Pigeon is designed as a tilted overcutter with serious bite. The weapon platform and hull is mounted on a unique wheelbase composed of an offset drivetrain to improve turning ability but sacrificing linear speed.


  • Havoc Pigeon was the first bot from Oryx Robotics Group to utilize the new rendering method.
  • The original drivetrain was not omni-wheels; but mecanum wheels instead.