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Hazardous Waste Removal
Hazardous Waste Removal I.JPG
Team Information
Team Angry Goat Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Undercutting disc

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Old Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous Waste Removal is a Heavyweight robot used by Angry Goat robotics. It features a large front disc interchangeable with a bar attachment, as well as two different possible attachments for the rear wedges. It's a spinner, but it's built around modularity and speed, designed to hit opponents where they don't want to be hit.

Unfortunately in practice, it did not succeed as well as it did in theory. I think in part there's some sort of mental threshold people seem to have, where 4 armor is abysmal, but 5 is manageable. HWR has been re-entered into Robot Bastards with a slightly slower drivetrain and otherwise standard stats. also it looks like PP3D now.

Record: 3-3[]

Pressure Drop: 3-3

Robot Bastards 2:


-Hazardous Waste Removal was originally designed as a Superheavyweight, but it was scaled down for Pressure Drop, and Angry Goat Robotics subsequently decided to keep it in that class. Except now it's in NARCO again as a Super-heavyweight so I don't even know anymore man. well, it's in RB as a Heavyweight. it'll probably stay there since it's one of the only heavyweights I have that I like right now.