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Hopscotch Pilgrim
It's a long road. Enjoy it,
Team Information
Team Oryx Robotics Group
Robot Statistics
Weapons Melty-Brain Thwack

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Hopscotch Pilgrim is a featherweight competitor and the first melty-brain drive developed Oryx Robotics Group.

Hopscotch Pilgrim was developed alongside Answering Chord to compete in HotDealsInTexas's first tournament Bot-O-Rama 2K16.

Hopscotch Pilgrim is currently in its M1 iteration, an album of it's evolution can be found here.

Overall Record[]

Wins 0

Losses 0



Hopscotch Pilgrim M1 is designed with a toothed puck-like ring encasing a melty-brain 2WD. The M1 chassis is designed to be completely invertible. M1 full album


  • Hopscotch Pilgrim was initially designed as a ring spinner