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Team Information
Team Ice Cubed Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons C0² gas-powered Bar Flipper and rear Cutting Drum.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Hubris is a Middleweight flipper/vertical spinner design built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics, originally made to enter Ruination: The Beginning. A very low and invertible two wheel-driven wedge design, its chassis was designed for optimal traction, defence and ability to get under opponents, being very hard to manoeuvre around due to its wideness, and low enough to make attacking it effectively with overhead weaponry (Like Axes or Hydraulic Piercers) very difficult.

Besides these innate defensive features, it was also equipped with a pair of useful weapons. On the front wedge, it utilised a powerful Bar Flipper running on C0² gas, which could self-right the robot when flipped over, and was powerful enough to toss opponents around quite effectively. On the back, it featured a fast rear Cutting Drum that could be set to spin either way effectively due to its double-ended teeth, allowing it a good alternate weapon in the event of being stuck upside-down or needing to cause damage.

Although a powerful design, it was untested upon entering its first competition, where its main drawbacks proved to be its vulnerability to flanking due to its large chassis, as well as its light armour. Nevertheless, it fared well for the most part in Ruination: The Beginning, ending its run with four wins to four losses, and almost making the Playoffs on the process.

Hubris is due to return for Crazy Bots: New Breed City, modified stat-wise from its previous appearance on ARC. It now features upgraded armour, an improved drivetrain to give it improved speed and agility, grippier and higher-quality tyres for better acceleration and traction, and much more powerful weaponry. All these changes have considerably improved Hubris since its original run, and should be a good contender.


Ruination: The Beginning- Fifth in Rankings, did not make Playoffs.

Wins- 4 Losses- 4

Biggest Rival- Luna

Theme- Hubris (Xewei Siege Ruins), Soul Calibur II Soundtrack


  • Hubris's name translates from Greek into Arrogance.
  • Much like the Team Zlayerz designs Luna and Xianghua, Hubris takes its name from an element of the Soul Calibur fighting games. In this case, it was named after the music piece Hubris, from Soul Calibur II- which coincidentally enough comes from Xianghua's stage, the Xewei Seige Ruins.