"Literally cold-blooded killers."

Ice Cubed Robotics

Ice Cubed Robotics
Participation Information
FRR: Dead Zone
Ruination: The Beginning
Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin
League of Robotic Excellence
Ruination: The Omen
FRR: No Mercy
Crazy Bots: New Breed City
Team Information
Team Members Alex Valentine
Home Town Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Ice Cubed Robotics is a British team under the command of Alex Valentine (GF93), that has been competing on ARC since 2011. They made their first official appearance in FRR Dead Zone.

In just a few short years, Ice Cubed Robotics has managed a good amount of success in the arena- qualifying for the playoffs in multiple competitions with at least seven separate robots, and earning a spot in the Lightweight Final in CBBR, and have almost always made it to the playoffs with at least one robot each time they have competed. Although as of yet the team has not won a championship, they have proven to be strong competitors.

Ice Cubed Robotics specialises predominantly in Lifters, Flippers and Rammers, but have branched out into other designs and variations as well. Some of the designs from the team tend to be a modern take on old-school British lifters/flippers, and they have proven to be very effective at times. All robots for the team are designed by GF93, whilst most of them are CADed by NFX of Team Mongoose. GF93 himself has taken to rendering them himself as well as of late.


An underline indicates playoff qualification, and an asterisk* indicates Finals qualification)


War Bastard (7-3): FRR Dead Zone (7-3)

Psyclone: (4-4) Ruination: The Beginning (4-4)

Conqueror: (11-8) Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin (7-3)*, League of Robotic Excellence (4-5)

Tornedron: (11-2) Ruination: The Omen (11-2)


Dreadnought (7-4): FRR Dead Zone: (7-4)

Hubris: (4-4) Ruination: The Beginning: (4-4)

Marauder: (1-7) Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin: (1-7)

Decapitator: (4-5) League of Robotic Excellence (4-5)

Lyra: (3-8) Ruination: The Omen (3-8)


Bulletproof Bomb (11-8): FRR Dead Zone: (5-5), League of Robotic Excellence (5-3)

Terminal Velocity: (5-3) Ruination: The Beginning: (5-3)

Waterloo Sunset: (5-4) Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin (5-4)

Master of Puppets: (7-5) Ruination: The Omen (7-5)

Super Heavyweights

Lethal Injection: (20-11): FRR Dead Zone: (4-6), Ruination: The Beginning: (5-4), Ruination: The Omen (11-1)

Black Mamba: (9-9) Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin: (6-3), League of Robotic Excellence: (3-6)

"Cutting opponents into small cold cubes for our drinks."


  • A recurring inclusion on Ice Cubed Robotics machines are small Union Jack flags mounted somewhere on the chassis, typically the sides, and actual small flags are often flown from the robots when they compete in Playoffs. To date, Bulletproof Bomb is currently the only robot from the team which does not have at least one.
  • After the team's performance in Ruination: The Omen and attaining over 100 wins, Ice Cubed Robotics is currently the highest-ranked team on ARC to have never won a Championship.
  • After Team Mongoose and Team Ectogasm, Ice Cubed Robotics is currently the third-most successful British team competing on ARC.
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