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Jesus Built My Hotrod
JBMH Redone.png
JBMH following its recent redesign
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons Spiked bumper/scoop

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Jesus Built My Hotrod, also known simply as Jesus, is a lightweight two-wheeled rammer created by Team Mongoose.

It is a unique design for a rammer, in that it does not have a wedge. Instead, it relies on its unparalleled Speed and Traction to outrun and outmanouver its opposition, getting attacks in while avoiding weaponry and wedges. Its unusually high Speed, though, meant that it was not as controlled as it otherwise might have been, which was the cause of some debate amongst the community.

It made its debut appearance in the League of Robotic Excellence tournament, where it went a surprising 6-3 in the main season, securing itself a spot in the playoffs. However, it fell to Turgor in a close Judges' Decision, sending it out of the tournament. This decision caused some controversy, due to Turgor's control issues.

Its next tournament was the currently ongoing FRR: No Mercy. However, an overhaul of the stat system saw the Wedge stat removed, and Jesus' advantages over other rammers were lost. Despite this, it remained in contention for a playoff position up to the final week, before narrowly losing out to Cherax.

Jesus was given a mostly aesthetic redesign following the tournament, with the addition of a scoop made to be interchangeable with the spiked bumper. This is intended to allow it to more effectively push and control an opponent, but it has not yet been entered into any other tournament.

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 11
  • Losses: 10


  • Jesus Built My Hotrod was inspired by the hot rod style of motor vehicles, along with the Ministry song Jesus Built My Hotrod, which would provide the robot with both its name and its theme.
  • Jesus Built My Hotrod also won the Maximus Award, given to the most aggressive robot, in the League of Robotic Excellence tournament. It also won the Copperhead Award in FRR No Mercy, again for the most aggressive robot.
  • The suspension, exhausts, brake discs, and other motoring paraphernalia on Jesus Built My Hotrod serve no real functional purpose, and are there almost purely for aesthetics' sake.