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Khnum 2 IV.JPG
Team Information
Team Angry Goat Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Superheavyweight
Weapons 180 degree lifter

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Khnum is a Superheavyweight lifter designed by Angry Goat Robotics. with a powerful 4 wheeled drivetrain, Khnum's primary weapon is the robot itself, using its ramming power in combination with the lifter to get under opponents and pin them against the walls. Khnum is entered in FRR: Backlash. 

Khnum II's design builds upon the success of the simple 4WD drivetrain and lifter, optimizing the chassis shape in the meantime. It also fixed a major flaw on the original khnum of not really garnering any benefit from driving the lifter into the ground due to its location relative to the side skirting. This also gives it better reach, preventing a repeat of Mega Plowdozer's successful strategy of using its pinning spikes against it. 

Record: 9-3[]

FRR: Backlash - 9-3


Khnum as Competed in FRR: Backlash

-Khnum is named after the Egyptian pottery god, who created man out of river mud.

-Designer The_Angry_Goat went through many different names for this robot before settling on Khnum, including "Jim"

-Khnum was inspired by Wedge of Doom, and was going to become a Lightweight. but then stuff happened.