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For years, the only ARC member to seriously challenge Team Stealth Robotics' status as token female competitor, Jules isn't especially active, appearing in the discord chat about as often as a wild mewtwo in Pokemon Go.

Having been described as "ARC's cryptid", her usual modus operandi is to appear somewhat unexpectedly in a tournament despite the earnest assurances of her brothers that she'll fail to actually RP, and enter a robot that would make The Monsterworks blush. Said robot will inevitably lose a match or two, leading the other competitors to breathe a sigh of relief in the mistaken belief that the dragon has been slain. Without fail, it will then reel off a series of unlikely wins against veteran competitors to make it to the playoffs, usually with RPs that look something like this.

Following which, Jules will usually go back to lurking and posting occasional memes about cats, dogs and other fuzzy-wuzzies, until the next time that she decides to enter a shuffling melty, four part cluster, CIRCUITZ, or vertical rammer.

Recently, she's discovered that ARC is in fact comprised entirely of manchildren and edgy teenagers, and moved on to better things. So... pretty much anything else. Nope, she's back. Don't forget. You're here forever.

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