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MC Hammer
MC Hammer.JPG
Team Information
Team Angry Goat Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Heavyweight
Weapons Hammer (axe head, rack and pinion powered)

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition



MC Hammer is an Axebot designed by Angry Goat Robotics. It was 4WD, and has a hinged plow on the front. its wheels are exposed at the front and rear of the robot, allowing for it to more easily traverse debris in the arena, a design feature stolen from inspired by Team Covenant's Tellu. 

The updated MC hammer is a 2WD robot that was mostly based off of Beta, but ended up looking more like Slam Job. ah well, I tried :V . Unlike most of my designs, it's built for low ground clearance and the wheels are entirely enclosed within the robot - this is mainly done to reduce happy accidents for spinners, but is also meant to reduce knockback from firing the hammer. Its entire outer shell is also shock-mounted to inner sections of the robot to create a resilient sacrificial shell. We'll see how this theory turns into actual performance though.


Has yet to face competition

Old MC Hammer


-MC Hammer is one of the few unique, good, clever names Angry Goat robotics has managed to come up with

-Its theme song is Hammertime by MC hammer