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Team Ice Cubed Robotics
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Weapons Reversible Lifting Plate, rear Spikes

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Marauder is a Middleweight tracked lifter/pusher hybrid, built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics. A low and sloping design outfitted in very tough armour for resisting spinners, it was a relatively unusual design in how it utilised steel tank tracks for propulsion- the reason for this owing to their superior traction and control compared to wheels, as well as for their all-terrain capabilities and toughness.

Marauder's primary weapon was a Lifting Plate driven by Linear Actuators on either side, making it capable of functioning either way up, and even lifting its own body off the ground to avoid dangers directly below it, such as the Killsaws. It was also equipped with a pair of removable rear Ramming Spikes with tungsten tips, which were not only suited for causing minor damage, but also worked as stabilisers to prevent it from rolling over onto its back when trying to climb up inclines.

Although it was considered to be a clever design that was expected to do well, the main drawbacks to the original Marauder were its lack of damage potential, trapping capabilities, and its below-average wedge stat. For the most part, its original run in Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin was poor, losing seven straight fights. Nevertheless, there were positives- it picked up a win in its last fight against Angered Mystery 3, was one of the last surviving robots left in the Middleweight Rumble, and was admired for its toughness and tenacity, still running on and never being KOed even when it lost particularly badly. In recognition, it won the Lazarus Award at the end of the series.

Since its poor performance in Blazing Ruin however, Marauder was completely rebuilt afterwards, and is due to enter Crazy Bots: New Breed City. Although it kept the same basic design, it was completely rebuilt internally, and its defensive and offensive capabilities were considerably improved. Its new improvements include redesigned tracks made out of steel with rubber grips for maximum traction and defence, brand new motors that grant it stronger torque and a surprising level of speed for a tracked design, a newly-designed wider Lifting Plate with better wedging capabilities, spring-loaded hooks on both sides of the chassis to keep opponents trapped in place as it attacks, and a brand-new removable Scoop on the back for better handling spinners and pushing opponents.

Its chassis was also equipped with reversible hinged skirts (Mounted on tapered plates, so that they can function identically either way up.) mounted all round the chassis and tapering into the Lifting Plate at the front for great wedge protection, whilst still maintaining its ability to climb over obstacles or other robots if necessary.


Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin- Lazarus Award

Wins- 1 Losses- 7

Biggest Rival- ...the Vacuum Cleaner?

Theme- Title Theme (2/6), Marauder (1986, Commodore 64)


Marauder game.gif
  • Marauder was named after the 1986 Commodore 64 computer game Marauder, by Hewson and Arcanum Software.
  • Marauder was the first tracked design entered by Ice Cubed Robotics.
  • By using the Lifting Plate to lift itself up onto them before driving up with the tracks, Marauder can climb stairs- a unique ability amongst ARC robots.