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Mass Hypnosis
Mass Hypnosis II
Team Information
Team Team Covenant
Robot Statistics
Weapons Horizontal cutting disc.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Mass Hypnosis is a 4WD horizontal spinner created by KodeBreaker of Team Covenant.

The first version was a 2WD Surgeon General clone, which could run completely inverted as well, and other than chassis and colour differences, there isn't much to him than meets the eye... if you're brave enough to stare at the disc long enough...

You are getting sleeeeeeepy...

Mass Hypnosis is the 4th of Team Covenant's heavyweight robots to win a championship, and the 3rd of their heavyweights to have a rookie championship.

The current Mass Hypnosis entered Reddit tournament Hammerfall, where it fought and won against competitors Undertow, Edilweiss, and Biohazard Black Widow before bowing out in the Round of 16 to Halberd.

ARC Record[]

  • Wins: 11
  • Losses: 2

Reddit Record[]

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1

All-Time Record[]

  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 3


  • Mass Hypnosis gets its name from the song of the same name from Brazilian thrash-metal band Sepultura
  • The first Mass Hypnosis was meant to be a "fusion" of Surgeon General and Hypno Disc, two of Kody's favourite real-life spinners.