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Team Team Covenant
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Weapons Vertical clamping jaws

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Mimete is a Middleweight clampbot made by KodeBreaker of Team Covenant. She has two bottom jaws which are static and do not move, and a top jaw that works similarly to Diesector. The rear plow is hinged, so she can't be beached on it. She works fine inverted, though the plow does not. Many say she looks like Team Mongoose's Crash Blossom, though her design stems more from the ARC: Armageddon version of No Joy.

Mimete has a proboscis attachment, also like Diesector, that she can use against specialized spinners like drums. She eschews the rear plow in this case, to fit the proboscis in.

Mimete made the finals of FRR: No Mercy in an incredible rookie run alongside fellow rookie Airazor, now a member of Team Ignition. Both lost close decisions in the final.

Mimete also competed in League of Robotic Excellence 2, also falling in the final alongside an ally, Cutie Honey.

Mimete was set to compete in Cherry Bomb Classic 2 in her fifth guise, but the tournament fell apart. She could reappear in the tournament's next iteration.

There is an unpictured sixth version, but it drew criticism from the community, so a seventh version is planned. :V

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 20
  • Losses: 6


  • Mimete has two references to the name. The original one was incredibly obscure, but was a coincidence of Kody finding a shiny Graveler in Pokemon Gold, and researching the mineral mimetite for a Grade 7 science project. The irony of the present reference, which is a reference to another female character, is that the woman also gets her name from the mineral.
  • Mimete's theme is "Themata" from Australian progressive rock band Karnivool.
  • Mimete has gone through a myriad of different design changes without actually competing. Mimete II competed in LoRE2, while the third, fourth, and unpictured sixth versions have yet to compete. The fifth version started competing in CBC2 before it fell apart.