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*Wins: 3
*Wins: 3
*Losses: 1
*Losses: 4
[[Category:Heavyweight Robots]]
[[Category:Heavyweight Robots]]
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[[Category:Competitor Robots]]

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Mr. Death
Mr. Death II
Team Information
Team Team Playzooki
Robot Statistics
Weapons Hinged Wedges

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Mr. Death is a heavyweight robot created by Playzooki of Team Playzooki. It is best known for competing in the League of Robotic Excellence tournament.

Robot History

League of Robotic Excellence

Mr. Death's first match was against Flame Byxis 230WD. Both robots charge towards the centre, with Byxis tearing Mr. Death's wedge but weakening Byxis' disc. Mr. Death gets underneath Byxis and throws it into the arena hammer, the disc gets slightly damaged before it escapes. Byxis gives another hit to Mr. Death and opens more of its wedge, but the disc of Byxis stops working. Mr. Death fights back by shoving Byxis onto the saws, causing it to be sent flinging across the arena. Both robots push each other around before cease is called. Mr. Death wins the match via a 24-21 judges' decision.

The second week match was against Chemical X which starts with X getting underneath Mr. Death and flips it. Mr. Death then tackles X into the arena wall and holds it there. They eventually get back into the match and X flips Mr. Death over, it goes for another flip but is dodged. Mr. Death charges at X and sends it skidding across the arena, it goes for another charge but gets wedged, X turns for a flip but Mr. Death again dodges it. X finally gets another flip in and lands back on its wheels, it wedges X and slams it into the wall, sending X across the arena and the cease is called. Mr. Death wins with a 23-22 split decision.

Mr. Death's next opponent was Fragmentor, but won via forfeit. The week four match was against Dead Ringer For Love. Ringer gets its flywheel spinning as Mr. Death drives towards it, it tries for a wedge attack but is sent flinging across the arena. It keeps going for attacks, but Ringer continuously hits Mr. Death. Mr. Death manages to wedge Ringer and slams it into the arena wall, it connects another slam and Ringer flies into the wall. Mr. Death gets another judges' decision, but gets its first loss via a 30-15 decision.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4