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Murder Death Unit
MDU2 Single.png
MDU as it won the CB:NBC Superheavyweight Championship
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons Spinning overhead tribar

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Murder Death Unit is a walking overhead spinner created by Team Mongoose.

Its design is based heavily on that of real-life Heavyweight champion Son of Whyachi, with an extremely powerful overhead three-armed spinning weapon, and a walking mechanism to allow it the weight advantage to invest more power into its Weapon and Armour. As what is termed a 'mobile hazard', however, it is slower than a number of other machines, and slightly tougher to control. It is also not invertible, and has no way of self-righting, which has cost it wins over its career.

It was first entered into the original League of Robotic Excellence tournament, where it put in a somewhat lackluster performance, opening its account with three straight losses against some of the tougher bricks in the division. Its performance improved after this, but it still finished the season at 4-5, and failed to qualify for the playoffs.

The Crazy Bots: New Breed City tournament was where MDU showed much more of what it could do. With more efficient weaponry, and a more compact and less cumbersome chassis, it was strongly fancied to do well. Immediately it picked up three straight knockout wins, interspersed with a forfeit victory, and closed out the season with an 8-3 record, 6 KO victories, and the #2 seeding in the division. It defeated Parabolic Trajectory in a close semi-final match, and moved into the final to face Fulcrum, scoring another knockout victory, and with it the Superheavyweight championship.


  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 8


  • Murder Death Unit currently has the most KO wins of any Team Mongoose robot, with 9.
  • Murder Death Unit is also the first walking robot to take a championship in an official tournament.
  • It is at least the third machine across both ARC and FRA to use the initials 'MDU' for its name.